Bayou Bottoms Guide Service

Guided hunts for Ducks & Snow Geese

Bayou Bottoms Hunting Club is nestled in the heart of the Mississippi flyway, just south of Jonesboro, Arkansas along the Bayou De View River in N.E. Arkansas.  This is a prime location for thousands of wintering ducks and snow geese each year.  Snow goose hunts take place in a 20 ft. pit with 1,500-2,000 decoys and 2 electronic callers with no limits and no plugs in your gun. (It's a giant dove shoot.) Duck hunting takes place in 35-40 ft. stick built duck blinds nestled in tree lines of the river or woods.These blinds are located in huge flooded rice and bean fields. Bayou Bottoms has access to over 2500 acres spread out along and between the Cache and Bayou De View River systems.  Here at Bayou Bottoms we pride ourselves on busting our asses for you, the hunter, to ensure your hunting trip will be a successful and memorable one.  If you love waterfowl hunting at its finest, CONTACT US! You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to Dad
A Poem by Tennessee Hunter

The time that I spend hunting,

Is a tribute to my dad.

A perfect role model, maybe not.
But he was the best one that I had.

 When I was just a kid.

And some say he was rough on me,
But I think it’s because of him,
I turned out like I did.

Without hunting as a teenager,

I might have lost my way.
It was the thing that bonded dad and me,
And still is to this day.

It gave him time to talk to me,
And teach me lots of things.
Not just about hunting but,
The changes each day brings.

It also gave me time with him,
And I’m thankful for that chance.
Because I lost him way to soon,
I could have missed that dance.

And I wouldn’t have these memories,
To cheer me when I’m sad
And I might not be a hunter,
But I am, Thanks to Dad


In loving memory of

Kenneth E. McNeal
10-23-1943    ~~   01-02-2007
Copyright 2002 Bayou Bottoms Hunting Club, LLC All Rights Reserved