*2020 Snow Goose Dates*

February 1st-February 7th

February 9th-April 25th

Book A Snow Goose Hunt
Bayou Bottoms Hunting Club is  located in between the Bayou De View and Cache Rivers in northeastern AR.  This is a prime location for hundreds of thousands of wintering snow geese each year. Hunts take  place in a dry field over 1500-2000 decoys on each pit.  Pits are 20 ft.  long and spacious and can hunt 6 people safely.  There is a minimum of 3 people per party and a max # of 5 hunters per pit.  Each pit is supplied  with its own electronic caller.  There's no hunting license required, no bag limit on geese, and no plugs in your gun. However, a free snow    goose hunting permit number is required and can be obtained by calling 800-364-GAME. All hunts end at 12:00 pm or upon guides' discretion. It's an awesome spectacle to be seen by everyone at least once. We decoy geese, we don't jump shoot them! For more info on booking a snow goose hunt see our Policies page, or
 CALL 618-889-0919 to book your hunt NOW!


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